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I enjoy sharing many forms of movement with other people and
I believe, that it is very important to enjoy a form of exercise that you are choosing. Therefore the classes that I teach that work on strength, endurance and stamina are all influenced by dance and has a strong relationship to music.


POPfit Dance Fitness

A full body workout you can have fun with!

Originally created by an ex ballet dancer in Stephanie Burrows who had a yearning to create a fitness con something that combined her background in dance, pilates and fitness, with the liberating power of music at its core.

POPfit dance fitness class gets you moving and sweating! It combines cardio, body weight strength training and a long stretch to give you a full body, fat burning workout that leaves you sweaty and happy. All set to current, upbeat pop music the class uses no equipment so you really connect to your body. For everybody, at every level of fitness.


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A workout that is inspired by moves from ballet, pilates, yoga and that incorporates upbeat music.

The workout focuses on strengthening your core, legs and glutes, using expansive and targeted moves with high repetitions, supported by the ballet barre. Get ready to feel the burnnn! 


Sculpt/Legs Bums & Tums

This low impact class, works your total body by using targeted conditioning exercises to tighten and lift. Accompanied with upbeat music the workout targets your upper body, your abs, legs and glutes. 

Expect to work on strength, endurance, balance, flexibility in total body workout, whilst focusing on proper alignment. 

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